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How Can You See ALL The Pre-Owned Homes In The Villages? 

  BACKGROUND    In October of 2004 The Villages developer decided to remove all of their pre-owned home listings from the REALTOR MLS and maintain listings in their private system.  Further, the developer will not show any homes that they do not list, and will not work with outside REALTORS.

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  RESULT    To see all homes YOU MUST;       1.   work with a REALTOR®       2.   work with a Villages sales representative  3.    check the local newspaper, The Daily Sun, For Sale By Owners ( who do not list in the MLS normally)

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  SOLUTION    Before you purchase a pre-owned home, let me help you see what that The Villages Pre-owned Properties WILL NOT show you.

Currently, there are about as many listings with REALTORS as The Villages Pre-owned Properties of similar properties

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